Alexander Coughlin

Wise decisions beget big rewards.

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Helping my clients invest wisely is paramount to my business. The San Francisco Bay Area's natural beauty, robust economy, and high standard of living make it one of the premier real estate markets in the world. Keen insight, intelligent strategizing, and long-term planning is how I empower my clients to make smart choices when it comes to buying and selling property here.


The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the premier places globally to call home. Its unique history, diversity, and stunning topography are unparalleled. As a fifth generation San Franciscan, born and raised in Marin County and educated at UC Berkeley, I know the potential and splendor this area has to offer. Enabling others to take advantage of all the area has to offer is what motivates me day-to-day.


The success of my clients directly equates to my success. Real estate can be tricky, so anything I can do to provide clarity and direction to help my clients achieve their maximum potential is critical. I constantly strive to exceed expectations, provide enlightenment, and make the process of buying and selling property as pleasant as possible. Knowing that my hard work has directly benefited my clients and their bottom line is the greatest reward of all.


“The best investment on Earth is earth.”


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My Story

In my tenure as a real estate professional, I have been able to work with an incredibly varied group of individuals, from first-time home buyers to seasoned investors, on myriad properties including single family homes, condominiums, tenancies-in-common (TICs), and multi-unit developments. My clients have bought and sold property in San Francisco, the North Bay (Marin and Sonoma Counties), the East Bay, and the Peninsula in all imaginable price ranges.

Prior to real estate, I worked for attorneys specializing in real estate fraud and property defect cases. During that time, I picked up on the delicate nature of real estate transactions and developed a sharp eye for identifying red flags and potential harm that can occur when things are not vetted properly. I apply this skill set now to advocate for my clients and ensure they are protected to the fullest extent possible.

The area in which I practice is near and dear to me. My family tree includes San Francisco pioneers who moved here five generations ago to do things like work as guards on Alcatraz and establish businesses that played pivotal roles in the formation of the City, as well as Coast Miwok tribe indigenous to Marin and Sonoma Counties. Born and raised in Marin County, educated at UC Berkeley, and now a bonafide San Francisco resident since 2009, my deep connection to the area is a great source of pride for me and what fuels my passion for helping others have the opportunity to call this place 'home.'



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